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Technical Information


CableUSB data, four-conductor cable

  • Power and data conductors: 26 AWG x 4
  • Mutual capacitance: approx. 120 nF/km
  • Inductivity: approx. 0.65 mH/km
  • Specific volume resistivity: > 20 G Ω x cm (at 20 °C)

Paracord 550 Type III lightweight rope, inner sleeve

  • Size: +/- 4 mm
  • Material: nylon or polyester 

Techflex (Flexo® PET) the most outer sleeve

  • Size: 3.2 mm (1/8″)
  • Material: polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Heat Shrinkshrinkable plastic tube

  • Size: ⌀ 10 mm
  • Material: polyolefin

USB Connectorsdevice and host plugs

  • Type: A, C, Mini-B, Micro-B
  • Material: nickel-plated or gold-plated brass

Cable length

⚠️ The total length of the cable should not be more than 5M (≈16 ft). Anything longer than that, and the cable falls out of USB spec and risks losing its transmission power, which could cause it to under-perform or fail. ⚠️

Please note that some high-powered keyboards such as DROP ALT, CTRL or HHKB may not fully function depending on the length of your cable. It is recommended to stay under 3M (≈10 ft) for these types of keyboards, or even lower.

Note: Coils add up a significant amount of actual raw cable used based on the length of the coils and diameter.

  • 15 cm (≈6″): 1.8 M (≈6 ft) raw cable
  • 20 cm (≈8″): 2.1 M (≈7 ft) raw cable

Example: 15 cm (≈6″) coil w/ 1.5 M (≈5 ft) straight cable length = 3.3 M (≈11 ft) actual raw cable used

Cable length diagram


  • c = coil (15/20/25 cm ≈ 6″/8″/10″)
  • d = detachable connector
  • x = 17.5 cm (≈7″)
  • y = 5 cm (≈2″)
  • s = straight cable length

USB Connectors

Detachable Connectors

Detachable connectors allow you to quickly switch between devices (keyboards) if you own multiple cable ends with a detachable connector, but mostly they serve as an aesthetic feature. 

Please note that we are using 4-pin detachable connectors with specific wire pinout and we do not recommend mixing and matching cable from different cable makers. Doing so, may result in faulty cables or even cause damage to your devices.

GX16 Aviator

  • Type: Screw thread
  • Pins: 4
  • Material: Nickel-Plated brass

LEMO® – Premium quality Push-Pull connector made in Switzerland

  • Type: Push-Pull self-latching
  • Series: 1B
  • IP rating: 50
  • Pins: 4
  • Housing Material: Brass (chrome plated) shell and collet nut, nickel plated brass latch sleeve and mid piece

Last updated: 3rd January 2023