Pastel Rainbow


Paracord: Rainbow

Techflex: White

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  • Host Connector*

    Computer side USB; see USB connectors

    Device Connector*

    Keyboard side USB; see USB connectors


    Orientation of USB Micro-B


    Orientation of USB Mini-B

    Heat Shrink*

    Colour at USB ends ; see Colour Chart

    Detachable connector*

    Quick push-pull/screw thread connectors that allows you to quickly switch between devices; see Detachable Connectors.

    • 4 €
    • 8 €
    • 8 €
    • 8 €

    Coil Length*

    • 0 €

    Coil Placement*

    Purely serves aesthetics


    Orientation of Coil ends

    Device Connector Side*

    Select on which side is your Device Connector

    • 0 €
    Cable Length to Detachable Connector*

    Cable length from the Device Connector to your chosen Detachable Connector; unit: inch (1″ ≈ 2.54 cm)

    Straight Cable Length*

    Cable length from Coil/Detachable Connector to the Host Connector; see Diagram

    • 0 €

We design it!

This cable is part of the Pre-Configured collection. We chose and designed the cable with a specific
colour scheme.


The cable is thoroughly tested and ready for your keyboard as soon it gets out of our packaging box.

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