GMK Laser


Paracord: Light Pink
Techflex: Neon Blue

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  • Host Connector*

    Computer side USB; see USB connectors

    Device Connector*

    Keyboard side USB; see USB connectors


    Orientation of USB Micro-B


    Orientation of USB Mini-B

    Heat Shrink*

    Colour at USB ends ; see Colour Chart

    Detachable connector*

    Quick push-pull/screw thread connectors that allows you to quickly switch between devices; see Detachable Connectors.

    • 4 €
    • 8 €
    • 8 €
    • 8 €

    Coil Length*

    • 0 €

    Coil Placement*

    Purely serves aesthetics


    Orientation of Coil ends

    Device Connector Side*

    Select on which side is your Device Connector

    • 0 €
    Cable Length to Detachable Connector*

    Cable length from the Device Connector to your chosen Detachable Connector; unit: inch (1″ ≈ 2.54 cm)

    Straight Cable Length*

    Cable length from Coil/Detachable Connector to the Host Connector; see Diagram

    • 0 €

We design it!

This cable is part of the Pre-Configured collection. We chose and designed the cable with a specific

colour scheme. We also chose the device and host connectors, detachable connector, coil length,

placement and orientation and straight cable length.


The cable is thoroughly tested and ready for your keyboard as soon it gets out of our packaging box.

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